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* Search name entered Last, First or First Last name format.  For an approximate name search, just type in the first few letters of the name you are looking for.



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* Enter average range you are looking for by typing the lowest average in the "Average 1" field, then the highest average in the "Average 2" field..  If you are looking for a specific average like 208, then enter that average in both average fields.



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Search Facts

Average search by name works by entering the search name in Last, First or First Last name format.  For example, if you are looking for Rodney Smith, you would enter the search name in as Smith, Rodney, or select first name search and enter the name as Rodney Smith.  If you only know the last or first name, or just the first few letters of the last or first name you can search by them also.  However, the search will return more results because you created a broader search.


Average search by average works by entering in an average range.  If you are looking for a specific average like 200, and not a range, then you would enter 200 in both average range fields.  This search will return back all bowlers with that average.  However, you will notice that all the other averages for the bowlers will be returned as well.  This is done on purpose to let you know that the bowler has other averages.  This is crucial information for individuals that are looking for a sub or permanent bowler for a league or tournament that has an average cap.